Telugu film producer, wife arrested in US for sex trafficking of actresses

Sex Racket Busted In USA, Telugu Film Producer & Wife Held
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Telugu film Producer Kishan Modugudi alias Vibha Jayam and his wife Chandra Modugudi were arrested for allegedly running a sex racket in the US.

The accused were supplying film heroines and anchors to the customers in star hotels centre in Chicago.  The female stars were provided temporary visas on the pretext of film shootings and entertainment programmes.  They were lodged in costly hotels for customers.

The arrested pimps are supplying heroines to the customers in Dallas,  New Jersey and also Washington.  Customers are being charged 3,000 US dollars for spending a few hours.   They advertise them for sex at Indian conferences and cultural events across the country.

On a tip off, US police cracked the sex racket in America.  Police investing call data, emails and social networks. Condoms were also seized from the accused house. It also came light a noted heroine pleaded with the producer to not drag her in flesh trade through a mail.

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